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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Fabric Watch SAN Switch 2/32

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Hewlett Packard Enterprise



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Fabric Watch is a real-time health monitoring service that proactively monitors the health of the switches and fabric and performance settings. Fabric Watch enables each switch to monitor the SAN for potential faults and automatically alert network managers to problems before they become failures. Fabric Watch tracks a variety of SAN fabric elements, events and counters. Monitoring fabric-wide events, ports, SFPs and environmental parameters permits early fault detection and isolation as well as performance measurement. Benefits include improved high availability from proactive notification, detailed information that can be used to conduct root cause analysis and reduced troubleshooting time.


• allows the administrator to customize the switch to the specific requirements of their enterprise environment

Controllable-Optimal Performance:

• enable 8Gb pipes with ISL Trunking. Potential network congestion is mitigated by the additional bandwidth


• API Access through PERL scripting capabilities, the administrator can simply automate management tasks, which are unique to each environment

Resilient-Proactive SAN Health:

• The Fabric Watch and Advanced Performance Monitoring features provide the capability to monitor, diagnose and alert the administrator of environmental and performance hot spots. Advance warning to potential problems is critical to maximizing uptime of mission critical environments.

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