Tuotenumero: NE60003314
Valmistajan tuotekoodi: 60003314
Saatavuus: Tuote tilapäisesti loppu, Tiedustele saatavuutta
Veroton: 705,65€
NEC NP01Wi1. Tuotteen leveys: 71 mm, Tuotteen syvyys: 202 mm, Tuotteen korkeus: 113 mm. Yhteysteknologia: Langallinen, Isäntäkoneen käyttöliittymä: USB. Pariston malli: AAA

The NP01Wi1 in combination with a short throw or ultra-short throw projector from the NEC U or M Short Throw Series and a wall mount transforms any existing flat surface (e.g. whiteboard) into an interactive workspace.

The NP01Wi1 is compatible with all standard software tools e.g. Smart Notebook, Promethean ActivInspire, RM Easiteach and others, allowing you to use your existing software. It is quick and easy to install and provides you with a very flexible premium interactive experience.

The NEC interactive solution represents the best future proofed investment in a proven teaching and presentation resource. Different elements combine to create a fully featured interactive classroom or meeting room tool whilst reducing the total cost of ownership. Existing NEC U- or M- Series projection equipment can be utilised whilst maintaining an upgrade path for future advances in projection technology without having to replace the interactive receiver. With projector and interactive elements separate, service costs are minimised in case of projector or interactive module breakdown. No special surface is required to project on to.

Suitable for wall-mounts NP01WK, NP02WK or NP03WK.

Shipping content: Sensor Module, Mouse Driver, Stylus
Liityntätyyppi USB
Yhteysteknologia WIRED
Tuoteyhteensopivuus M260, M300, M350, NP-M260, NP-M300, U250, U260, U300, U310
Väri(t) WHITE
Yhteensopivat tuotteet NP-U300X, 60003077, 60002968, 60003076, 60002967, 60003075, 60002972, 40000567, 60002966, 60003650, 60002971, 40000568, 60003068, NP-U300X-WK1, M300X, NP-M300W, NP-M300X, 60002965, NP-U310W-WK1, 40000576, 60003269, 60003267, 60003268, 60003266, NP-M300XS, NP-M300WS, NP-U310W, 40000560, 40000562
Yhteensopivat tuotemerkit NEC
Tuotetyyppi I/O MODULE
Kauko-ohjattava KYLLÄ
Leveys (cm) 71
Syvyys (cm) 202
Korkeus (cm) 113
Nimi * NP01WI1
Paristo-/akkutyyppi AAA