Tuotenumero: NEC100013019
Valmistajan tuotekoodi: 100013019
Saatavuus: Tuote tilapäisesti loppu, Tiedustele saatavuutta
Veroton: 97,58€
NEC PJ02SK3D. Yhteensopivat käyttöjärjestelmät: WindowsXP (34/64 Bit) Windows Vista (34/64 Bit) Windows 7 (34/64 Bit). Minimi prosessori: Intel Pentium 1.6 GHz, Minimi RAM-muisti: 2048 MB, Minimi kiintolevytila: 0,5 GB. Lukumäärä per pakkaus: 1 kpl

Complete package including 3D glasses and award winning, market leading 3D content and software for an easy access to an amazing 3D experience.

The new 3D StarterKit contains NEC’s new 3D glasses and market-leading 3D content and software in one handy kit to provide easy access for example for schools looking to introduce the 3D experience into the classroom.

The 3D content includes seven interactive applications and numerous interactive 3D modules including the exploration of the human heart and of a plant cell. Eight 3D demo videos include illustrative examples covering subjects such as geography, sciences and technology, as well as primary educational content for teaching spelling and mathematics. A full version of the Stereoscopic Player allows to play any kind of 3D videos and images.


- Active 3D Shutter Glasses
- USB stick with Sterescopic Player
- 3D Movies
- Educational 3D Demo Software
Tuoteyhteensopivuus M363W, M363X, M402H, M402W, M402X, M403H, M403W, M403X, P502H, P502HL, P502W, U321H, U321HI (MULTI-PEN), U321HI (MULTI-TOUCH), V230X, V260, V302H, V302W, V302X, V332W, V332X, L51W LED, M322W, M332XS, NP115, NP210, NP216, NP216 EDU, PE401H, U250X, U260W, U300X, U310W, V260X, V281W, V300X, V311W, V311X
Yhteensopivat käyttöjärjestelmät WINDOWSXP (34/64 BIT)\NWINDOWS VISTA (34/64 BIT)\NWINDOWS 7 (34/64 BIT)
Yhteensopivat tuotteet 60003897, 60003900, 60003952, 60003974, NP-U321H-WK, 60003944, 60003978, 60003945, 60003972, 60003890, 60003461, 60003457, 60003458, 60003456, NP-M352WS, NP-M402X, NP-M322X
Nimi * PJ02SK3D