Tuotenumero: SMSAE014027
Valmistajan tuotekoodi: AE014027
Saatavuus: Tilaustuote, Tiedustele toimitusaikaa
Veroton: 94,76€
SMS Smart Media Solutions Projector CL F500 A/S. Kiinnitystyyppi: Katto, Enimmäispaino: 12 kg. Kääntökulma: 360°, Kallistuskulma: 0 - 25°

This support literally takes your projector to the top.

The SMS Projector CL F is a popular ceiling bracket for lighter projectors. A construction and design that is as strong and reliable as it blends well with the interior. And since visible cables never are a pretty sight, the SMS Projector CL F has a hidden cable channel that keeps disturbing cables out of sight. This is design and function in true harmony and a solution well worth its price. The bracket is easy to mount. It can also be cut to the exact length you choose.

Get the upper hand.

The SMS Projector Unislide is one of our most brilliant products. It is truly an example of design being more a case of function than form. Thanks to its adjustable arms, it is suitable for most projectors on the market. Getting the right balance of the projector is easy with a simple horizontal and vertical adjustment. The SMS Projector Unislide installs your projector upside down and since the Unislide is bolted onto the projector it is a very reliable and safe solution. Your projector will be in safe hands.
Väri(t) SILVER
Enimmäispaino 12
Kääntökulma (aste) 360
Kallistuskulma (aste) 0 - 25