Tuotenumero: SMSPP170002
Valmistajan tuotekoodi: PP170002
Saatavuus: Tilaustuote, Tiedustele toimitusaikaa
Veroton: 227,82€
SMS Smart Media Solutions PP170002. Kiinnitystyyppi: Katto, Enimmäispaino: 30 kg. Kääntökulma: 180°, Kallistuskulma: 60 - 60°. Pohjan pituus: 50 cm

Heavy projectors have never been so light.
A ceiling bracket for heavy projectors that is easy to install, easy to adjust and easy to service. An ingenious design that is both attractive and extremely stable. The rotatable ceiling plate and thec oncealed cable feed in the column make the installation as simpleas it is discreet. And it’s easy to achieve the perfect image with theaid of easy-to-use forwards and backwards tilt controls and left/right rotation. Clever spacers make installation quicker and easier.The bracket is delivered with a universal slide that can be used withmost heavy projectors. A safety wire is included for maximum safety.

Maximum load 30 kg. Finish: white.
Väri(t) WHITE
Enimmäispaino 30
Kääntökulma (aste) 180
Kallistuskulma (aste) 60 - 60
Nimi * PP170002